Give students the practice they need with these worksheets that are a cut above the rest

Math worksheets have been a staple at school since mimeograph machines started staining teachers’ hands. And for good reason: They give students the extra international journal practice it often takes for mathematical concepts to stick.

Since lots of schools have adopted digital curricula, teachers may not be printing things as often. But when you do need to fire up the printer, you want to make all that paper count with worksheets that offer fresh approaches to arithmetic practice and math concepts.

Most readily available worksheets look pretty familiar; they’re problem sets or common math activities kids can do on their own, and sometimes that’s all you need. Sites like, Mashupmath, and Learning Resources have plenty of free worksheets filled with solid, standard fare. But it’s the standout sites below that break that mold. The sites below offer quality over quantity and unique approaches to traditional math worksheets.

We’ve broken these down into three different types of worksheets that we hope you’ll find useful. You can use the links below to jump to a section.

Real-World Math Worksheets: Students apply math concepts to actual circumstances or ideas.
Co-Curricular Math Worksheets: Students’ math work branches out into other content areas.
Hands-On and Cooperative Math Worksheets: Students work collaboratively, beyond the paper worksheet.
Real-World Math Worksheets
Since the dawn of time, kids have asked math teachers, “But am I ever going to use this in real life?” When kids see direct connections between what they’re learning and their interests, they’re naturally more invested in that learning.

But while there are plenty of “real-world” math worksheets out there, so many of them feel contrived (How many watermelons does Susie really need?). Even truly relevant applications — like finances and measurement for home improvement — don’t work for everyone. In different ways, the selections below offer a more thoughtful spin on worksheets.