Best Travel Blogs: Top Influencers to Follow

Smart travels involve more than just figuring out where to go, what to pack, and which credit card to use (hint: leave the one that charges a foreign transaction fee at home). You need details and tips to make the most of your trip — what are the must-see spots, the hidden gems, and lessons learned from past travelers?

Travel bloggers share all — from inspiring ideas on where to travel, detailed itineraries, and lots of photos that you can admire as you save up miles for your next trek. There are so many blogs offering travel tips that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Stick to this list to find the very best travel blogs that you’ll want to follow as you plan your next adventure.

Be My Travel Muse is a blog for adventurous female solo travelers looking for expert advice. Be My Travel Muse founder Kristin Addis has been traveling the world nonstop since 2012, and is sharing her experiences and expertise through her blog and her touring business.

Why Be My Travel Muse is a Top Travel Blog: You can find stories from women who love traveling the world alone, tips for staying safe on the road, and plenty of must-see destinations. There’s also a ton of practical advice, from packing carry-on only to taking the perfect travel selfie and more.

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Kirsten Alana
Kirsten Alana is an award-winning travel photographer who has taken stunning photos all over the globe, and you can see them on her website. Kirsten Alana is based in Los Angeles and has traveled to over 50 countries and counting; she is also available as a freelance photographer.

Why Kirsten Alana is a Top Travel Blog: Her online journal is also a great resource for luxury travelers, with tips for solo travel, hotel and spa recommendations, road trip itineraries, and more. Whether you come for the beautiful photographs or the expert travel advice, this is a blog built for those with wanderlust.

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Travels of Adam
Travels of Adam offers up destination picks, great travel tips, and ruminations from the road from its adventurous writer. Adam quit his job as a graphic designer in 2010 to travel the world; now a professional blogger, he’s moved back to the United States but continues his blog.

Why Travels of Adam is a Top Travel Blog: This blog is a great place to go for advice on gay travel, whether solo or in a group, and for nightlife picks in some of the world’s hottest destination cities. Adam’s “Hipster Guides” to many cities are a fun way to get to know everything about a city before you visit, too.